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Prey for the Gods is now Praey for the Gods thanks to Bethesda

Praey for the gods
The indie title and Kickstarter success Prey for the Gods will from now on be known as Praey for the Gods. Yes, everyone is perfectly aware that Praey is not a word. This change of title was brought about by Bethesda, or more precisely its parent company Zenimax. Because "Prey for the Gods" has the word "Prey" in it, they figured it...

Shadow of the Colossus-like Prey for the Gods is now on Kickstarter

We reported on Prey for the Gods back in 2015, when it was first announced, and now it looks like the game has finally made it onto Kickstarter. Check out the campaign video below. http://kck.st/29nRKod This indie action-adventure title will see you slaying colossal, god-like beings in a dying world plagued by a never-ending winter. The lone hero will have to survive the harsh...

Defeat ancient Gods in Prey for the Gods

Independent developers No Matter Studios have finally unveiled their debut PC title, Prey for the Gods. The new title is an action adventure game, with a few platforming elements thrown in, as the main character is forced to take down the enormous Gods that rule the frozen island. It would be easy to write the game off as a high...

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