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Star Ocean: Anamnesis and Nier Automata are collaborating for a limited time

Star Ocean: Anamnesis and Nier Automata
Shortly after revealing that 2B from Nier: Automata is joining Soulcalibur VI, Square Enix shared a new video, featuring their collaboration with Star Ocean: Anamnesis on iOS and Android devices. It appears that 2B and her cohorts A2 and 9S are now playable for a limited time, through November 27. Not a huge surprise since Square Enix are this game's...

Best role-playing games of 2017: From fantasy to sci-fi, and everything in between

Best role-playing games of 2017
2017 was a mixed year for fans of role-playing games. On one hand, we had some really great games in a variety of settings, from classic fantasy to superheroes and sci-fi. On the other, there were some huge disappointments as well (we're looking at you Mass Effect Andromeda). However, we choose to focus on the best RPGs we got to play...

Nier Automata review: 2B or not 2B

Nier Automata review
Nier Automata is a philosophical journey that keeps you glued to your screen just to see what it will throw at you next. With plenty of religious symbolism and existential questions raised throughout the story, one might think Automata is an overly-complicated and boring game. However, beneath all this philosophizing lies a really, truly great game. The game is both a sequel...

Androids and machines go to war in Nier: Automata launch trailer

Nier: Automata launch trailer
Nier: Automata is now available in North America on the PlayStation 4. Publisher Square Enix wants to celebrate the occasion (and get us all hyped to play the game) with a new trailer. The launch trailer tries very hard to tell us one very specific thing about the game - that it has tons of great action in it. Square...

Nier: Automata gameplay video highlights action and RPG elements

Nier: Automata gameplay
Platinum Games has released another long Nier: Automata gameplay video, but this one doesn't include narration and really lets you delve into the world, combat and quests. This video also focuses much more on the RPG elements Nier: Automata features, as well as other game systems, like the "Reliquary" System, which lets players revive their fallen body as an ally in combat....

Nier: Automata trailer demonstrates weapons and combos

Nier: Automata trailer
Platinum Games wants you to know you will have plenty of weapons to fight the robot uprising with in Nier: Automata. That's why the game's new trailer is all about 2B's weapons, combos, and fighting skills. Protagonist 2B has an arsenal of short swords, long swords, spears and metallic boxing gloves at her disposal. It isn't immediately clear whether a...

Nier: Automata gameplay video shows fast robot action and fishing

Nier: Automata gameplay
Nier: Automata is coming to PlayStation 4 in less than a month, and if you didn't get a change to see the game in action - now is your chance, thanks to a 29-minute gameplay video. This particular Nier: Automata gameplay video starts with protagonist YoRHa No. 2 Model B (or "2B" for short) picking up a quest, and then going...

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