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MapleStory M brings Maple World to life on mobile

MapleStory M gameplay
MapleStory M is already on its way to becoming a huge success. By creating this mobile version, Nixon was able to revive this game and restore its past glory. Playable on fresher platforms, MapleStory M attracted former players together with a younger audience, foreign to this game, and satisfied the whole MapleWorld fandom. Nonetheless, the game stayed almost identical to the...

Classic MMORPG MapleStory is back and heading to mobile with MapleStory M

MapleStory M
MapleStory, the classic and incredibly popular MMORPG, is coming back and it's here to stay. The mobile version of the game, MapleStory M, will launch today worldwide, and I have a feeling it's going to be huge. Many of us remember the countless hours we spent playing this game. Heck, some of us played it for longer than we spent...

Shoot your friends in Zero-G in the LawBreakers open beta

LawBreakers open beta
LawBreakers is a first-person hero shooter with a twist: incredibly fast paced action in near-zero gravity. If that sounds like your thing, you should try the game's PC open beta. I'm playing it right now, and I really like it. You play LawBreakers in 2 groups of 5, in 3 different game modes: Turf War, in which you and your teammates must conquer...

Respawn and Particle City partner for Titanfall: Frontline

Respawn Entertainment has partnered with Particle City to develop a new mobile trading card game in the world of Titanfall, called Titanfall: Frontline. The TCG is set within the extended universe of the Titanfall series and pits Brigade Commanders against each other as they utilize Pilots, Titans, and an army of other cards to defeat the enemy player. The game can...

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