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Murdered: Soul Suspect E3 video walks you through limbo

Airtight Games has released a new video for Murdered: Soul Suspect that walks us through the game's E3 2013 demo. It's a 25 minute deal, so you better start watching right now, below. The video is following the recently deceased detective Ronan O’Connor, who is stuck in the limbo world of Dusk. Ronan can't move on until he can bring his killer...

Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer shows a detective trying to solve his own death

Square Enix has finally released an official full-length trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect The trailer shows the game's protagonist coming to terms with his unfortunate and untimely death. Detective Ronan O’Connor has had better days. The Salem, Massachusetts resident has just been murdered by a brutal and relentless killer, and is now stuck in the dark limbo world of Dusk. If he wants to...

Murdered: Soul Suspect teaser hints at a Tuesday reveal

Square Enix has teased an upcoming reveal relating to Murdered: Soul Suspect via Twitter. After solving a cleverly concealed (not really) hint with in the tweet, we suspect the reveal is planned for this Tuesday (AKA tomorrow). Let's see if you can figure out why: disTUrbing nEw evidence fileS in archive. how Does this relAte to the case? — Murdered (@Murdered)...

Square Enix teases Murdered: Soul Suspect with a pun and a short trailer

Murdered: Soul Suspect, a new game by Square Enix, just got a first short trailer showing a cigar, a gun and a ghost. The trailer ends with the intriguing tagline "The hardest murder to solve is your own." Could this be a game where the protagonist investigates his own murder? It sure has us interested.

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