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Mulaka review: Spicing up a familiar formula

Mulaka review
The outstanding visuals make Mulaka a notable action title, but frustrating controls and low production values stop it from reaching its potential. Mulaka draws you in with its gorgeous looking visuals and bright imagery inspired by Mexican folklore. There's a shortage of games that deal with less-told and unknown legends and stories - like those of the native population of both North...

Explore Mexican folklore in action platformer Mulaka

Delve into sights, sounds and lore of the Sierra Tarahumara in Mulaka, a new indie action-adventure. Mulaka casts you as a shaman Sukurúame of the Tarahumara, the indigenous people of northern Mexico. As a shaman, you'll be able to call upon the powers of demigods to help you defeat evil creatures and cleanse the land of corruption. These evil creatures are taken straight out of the region’s mythology...

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