Mothergunship review: We’re going to build a bigger gun

Mothergunship review
Blasting evil robots with huge guns is extremely fun in Mothergunship, but the game holds back when it's time to craft your own weapons. I take a look around the boss room. All I see is a  hole in the floor, so naturally, I jump in. "Weird. Shouldn't there be like, a boss inside the boss room?", I think to...

MOTHERGUNSHIP demo lets you craft the gun of your dreams

I love Unreal Tournament. It was one of the very first FPS's that I spent a lot of time playing, and I have enjoyed almost everything about it - especially the awesome weapons. I have a soft spot for large, heavy weapons like the flak cannon or the rocket launcher, but also for ones with fast firing-rates like the dual...

First-person bullet-hell MOTHERGUNSHIP to release summer 2018

Mothergunship logo
If you like bullets, killer robots, crafting and gigantic futuristic space stations, there's a good chance you're as excited as I am for MOTHERGUNSHIP. This indie game is the spiritual successor to 2014's Tower of Guns and is developed by the same people at Grip Digital and Terrible Posture Games. MOTHERGUNSHIP looks just as gun... sorry, FUN but about ten...

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