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Moonlighter review: Too busy earnin’

Moonlighter review
With pretty pixel graphics and great sound, Moonlighter is the right kind of rogue-lite game that keeps you going for "one more round." Even before beating my first boss, I have already managed to gather countless treasures from a golem dungeon, warp inside a forest dungeon, expand my store into a freaking Walmart, steal a grimoire from under an evil...

Moonlighter lets you peek into the secret life of an RPG shopkeeper

You know how in every RPG ever there's this one shop run by a faceless merchant that sells tons of exotic weapons and items? Did you ever wonder how this non-adventurer shopkeep manage to get all of these weird and powerful items? Then you should play Moonlighter. Moonlighter is an upcoming indie game from the fledgling studio Digital Sun. After a successful Kickstarter...

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