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Halo 4 review: Multiplayer evolved, the rest not so much

Master Chief is back, and after 5 years (4 years in-game) of being stuck in space he is more than ready to jump back into the FPS arena. Joining him is his faithful A.I. partner Cortana and tons of Halo fans that have been waiting to don the green Spartan armor, grab their UNSC standard assault rifle and kick...

Master Chief is back in impressive HD

CVG published today some new artwork from Halo 4 , that shows Master Chief in all his glory. If you may have missed the formal announcement of the sixth game in the series, you can watch the offical trailer, and learn that Bungie has deserted the Halo series for a new project of Activision, and that the responsibility has move to 343Industries. http://youtu.be/MuCry_fTNKU Anyways,...

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