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BloodRayne is coming back under a new publisher

BloodRayne is back
Ziggurat Interactive, a relatively new publisher, has purchased the rights to multiple game licenses previously owned by Majesco Entertainment. Those include the good-old, blood dripping BloodRayne franchise. The publisher is developing plans to expand the BloodRayne universe, but also announced that updated PC versions of the existing BloodRayne games are in the works by the original developer, Terminal Reality. These...

Shadow Warrior is coming to new-gen consoles

After PC gamers got Wang in 2013, it's time for Xbox One and PS4 gamers to have their share as well. Devolver Digital and Majesco Entertainment have confirmed today that Flying Wild Hog's reboot of the 90's FPS classic will be hitting consoles no later than September this year - just a few short months away. Shadow Warrior on PC was rebooted...

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