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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer teases sequel

David Cox, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow procuer, has tweeted a tease about a possible new game in the Castlevania series being announced in the next couple of days. "Today and tomorrow I am in the land of Dracul... What am I doing there?? You will see...." he wrote. Beyond this obscure tweet, Cox refused to give any comment or clues. A sequel to 2010's Lords of Shadow...

Not a daydream, Castlevania Lords of Shadow getting extra content this week

David Cox, a producer at Konami, has tweeted on Saturday that Reverie, a DLC for the game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, will be released someday this week. Reverie was announced already in February, was postponed to a March release and then was postponed again for authorization at Microsoft until April. The DLC has already been accidentally released on the American...

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