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Light Fall is an extremely fast platformer that lets you create your own platforms

Light Fall
Light Fall is an insanely fast-paced platformer for the challenge seekers among us. It's also hard; very hard. When playing it, I felt the same mix of rage and determination I haven't felt since my days playing Super Meat Boy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yp_ThNVi-gU The game is a story of a boy with special powers, told through the narration of a wise old owl. The narration...

Nintendo Switch indie games coming in 2018: Light Fall, Banner Saga 3, Garage and more

Nintendo Switch Indie Games - Nindie Showcase
You can expect at least 14 more Nintendo Switch indie games in the coming months. Nintendo has released a new Nindies showcase video during GDC, showing off an impressive line up of upcoming Switch indie titles. Some of these games are already available on other platforms, but some are actually completely new. A number of these new titles are even Switch...

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