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Left 4 Dead 2 in being rebuilt in Source 2, may lead to Left 4 Dead 3

Left 4 Dead 2, the co-op zombie shooter by Valve, is possibly being rebuilt using the Source Engine 2.0, according to a leaked slideshow presentation. The image first appeared on NeoGAF, under the title "l4d3" (Left 4 Dead 3). Looking at it, it's easy to see why one might think this is a whole new game - the amount of details is...

Capcom and Valve announce Resident Evil 6, Left 4 Dead 2 Crossover

Capcom and Valve are working together to bring thwe world of Left 4 Dead 2 into the PC version of Resident Evil 6 and vice versa. A sort of crossover if you will. Oh, and it's completely free. Resident Evil 6 PC exclusive "No Mercy" mode will feature the cast of the beloved co-op zombie shooter as playable characters, each...

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