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Mosaic review: A cog against the machine

Mosaic review
A bleak point-and-click about work-life balance. Mosaic's dull atmosphere is punctuated with unique visuals, the power of music, and some seriously trippy gameplay. Mosaic is a statement about grind-culture and the stress, helplessness, and disillusionment burnout can cause. Or, it's a game about blowing off work to do recreational drugs with a bunch of jazz musicians and your pet goldfish. It...

Mosaic can be depressing, but it doesn’t have to be

Mosaic is a game about the grinding, joyless routine of all work and no play. It is about isolation in a society that’s more comfortable staring at a screen than acknowledging the existence of another person. But it’s also a game about finding beauty in everyday moments, in music and the world around you. It’s a depressing game, but also...

Mosaic BlipBlop review: Blip till you Blop, then blip some more

Mosaic BlipBlop
With endless gameplay, endless upgrades, and endless fun, Mosaic BlipBlop is the game every commuter needs on their phone. Are you sick of staring at the floor on the subway on your way to work? Sitting on the toilet alone with your thoughts terrifies you? The prospect of engaging in conversation with another human depresses the heck out of you?...

Among the Sleep takes its first steps on PC on May 29

Among the Sleep, the indie horror title that puts you in the onesie of a two-year-old toddler, is ready to put on its big-boy pants and walk onto the PC on May 29 (and that's enough with the baby puns). Krillbite Studio has also said the game is coming to PlayStation 4 with support for the Project Morpheus VR headset,...

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