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Iron Harvest trailer reveals 2020 release date

Iron Harvest release date
KING Art Games and Deep Silver revealed the release date of Iron Harvest, the highly anticipated classic RTS. The real-time strategy title will bring its single-player and co-op campaigns, competitive multiplayer, and plenty of free DLC on September 1, 2020. Iron Harvest takes place in 1920, right after the "Great War to end all wars," but with a Diesel-Punk twist. Motorized...

Black Mirror review: A mere reflection

Black Mirror review
If you somehow manage to look past the boring gameplay, outdated visuals, and the clunky controls, you'll find a compelling Gothic horror story. When you just start playing the new Black Mirror reboot, it feels kind of… cheap. It’s far from being a pretty game, the controls are a bit iffy, and all the characters move as if they were robots....

Black Mirror gameplay trailer sets the mood for a spooky adventure

Black Mirror
Black Mirror now has an official gameplay trailer. I think it's the first video that actually shows any extended gameplay, beyond what was shown behind to the media at Gamescom. Black Mirror was first announced just before the convention, with a nifty CGI trailer and some screenshots. It took THQ Nordic a while to release any sort of gameplay footage,...

THQ Nordic announces Black Mirror reboot

Black Mirror
Did you play the original Black Mirror trilogy? I can honestly say I'm the only person I know who actually played all 3. I don't remember liking them all that much, but for some reason I played the entire trilogy. Well, apparently enough people played and liked them for THQ Nordic to reboot the series. that's probably the a new...

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