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Iron Galaxy unleashes Eyedol into Killer Instinct Season 3

Killer Instinct developer, Iron Galaxy, has taken to raising the dead for Season 3's combatant Eyedol. This nightmarish creation is a formerly dead Ogre who's body was restored to a twisted form of life by the undead sorcerer, Kan-Ra. The trailer paints a pretty angry picture of Eyedol, as the vast majority of his combo animations are incredibly dominating. Eyedol has a habit...

Killer Instinct Season 3 launches later this month

Featuring all new characters, stages and Ultra Combo animations, Killer Instinct: Season 3 will be launching on Xbox One and PC on March 29. The four new characters coming immediately to Season 3 are the previously announced Arbiter from the Halo series, Rash from Battletoads, the flamboyant enchantress Kim Wu and the Nordic beast Tusk. The announcement was made through Ultra-Combo,...

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