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Still There review: Existential drama between puzzles

Still There
Sci-fi, surrealism, and emotional turmoil come together to create Still There, a story about a grief-stricken astronaut floating in space and solving intricate puzzles. Still There is part complex puzzle game, part moving story about a man hiding from his past. The two parts often clash, which makes the game’s tone shift dramatically from one second to the next. But...

Still There is a psychological adventure game about grief and coffee

Still There
Evade the past, welcome oblivion, make the perfect Italian coffee. These are your objectives in Still There, a newly announced sci-fi psychological adventure game by GhostShark Games. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=733Fx_h8FIk You are Karl, a keeper at the Bento space-lighthouse. Surrounded by uncharted space, Karl lives in almost total isolation with only the wacky station's AI Gorky to keep him company. Until a mysterious...

Headsnatchers, the game where you steal your friends’ heads, is out now

Just a heads up - the party game Headsnatchers Is now available on Steam Early Access. This charmingly brutal game has you kick around your opponents' heads like a football, flush them down toilets, and play bowling with them. And it does it all in the cutest, silliest way possible. You might think this all sounds bloody and gory, but please...

Antigraviator review: Ludicrous speed ahead

Antigraviator review
Antigraviator is a fast racing game with no speed limit, and it can make speed feel great. Unfortunately, that's the only thing it knows how to do. I love racing games, but my favorite subgenre is the not-so-realistic futuristic racing, like F-Zero, Wipeout, and 2016's Redout. It's no wonder then that I was very much looking forward to Antigraviator, an indie racing game developed by Cybernetic...

Into the Stars preview: Exploring the deep unknown

Hitting Steam Early Access a little earlier this month, Into the Stars is an indie strategy/sim where you control a starship that is Earth's last hope of survival. An alien species called the Skorn have attacked Earth, and after 6 months of constant fighting, have nearly wiped out the human race. With no response after numerous colony ships were...

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