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I Am Dead review: A heartwarming ghost story

I Am Dead review
I Am Dead is a cheerful, touching, but slightly repetitive puzzle game with a fantastic cast that brings every character to life - even the dead ones. You are Morris Lupton, the recently-deceased museum curator of the tiny island of Shelmerston. You may think that playing a dead museum curator isn’t as exciting as playing a live space marine or...

I Am Dead gameplay walkthrough gives us a look inside the game

I Am Dead gameplay
I Am Dead is a puzzle adventure game were you play a dead man. That man has a name - Morris Lupton. He's the former museum curator on the tiny island of Shelmerston. Former curator because, again, he is dead. So what's a newly-deceased museum curator does with his afterlife? He plays with his dog Sparky (also dead), meets other ghosts,...

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