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Bloodborne gameplay trailer is exceptionally bloody

Riding on the coattails of the "Souls" franchise and developed by a lot of the same people, Bloodborne is a dark action-adventure set in a 19th-century city of Y'harnam. Y'harnam is plagued by a terrible disease which turns its inhabitants into blood-thirsty monsters and it is up to the player to save the day. Originally set to release in February, it was...

New Bloodborne trailer aired during Golden Joystick Awards

Sony has released a new Bloodborne trailer during this year's Golden Joystick awards. This short video shows us more action, gothic environments and monsters - and it all looks good. Bloodborne is being developed by From Software (Dark Souls, Demon Souls) and directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki (again, Dark Souls and Demon Souls) so it shouldn't come as a surprise that...

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