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Here They Lie is a PlayStation VR launch title filled with nightmares

Here They Lie, the surreal VR horror game by Tangentlemen, is now a PlayStation VR launch title. Both the game and the headset will be released on October 13 for the PlayStation 4 (naturally). The release date announcement came with some weird text about someone being stalked by an unknown entity known only as "him". This entity, along with the others...

Here They Lie is a “surreal horror experience” for PSVR and PS4

Indie studio Tangentlemen has revealed its first title to be Here They Lie - a surreal horror experience for PlayStation VR. The title was previously called Daedalus and was in development for the last two years. According to a PlayStation blog post by the studio's co-creative director Cory Davis, Here They Lie transports the player to a "terrifying, surreal world inhabited by strange...

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