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The Textorcist review: There’s a new type of Bullet Hell in town

The Textorcist is an extremely tough but rewarding Bullet Hell that's slightly on the frustrating side. The Textorcist is kind of a unique concept - it's a Bullet Hell typing game, combined with a healthy dose of humor and just the right amount of frustration. In case the term “Bullet Hell typing game” doesn't sit well with you, don't worry -...

Bridge Constructor Portal brings bridges and vehicles to the world of Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal
Portal is ten years old. Let that sink in for a moment. Are you done feeling old? Great, because there's a new Portal game coming to PC and mobile -  Bridge Constructor Portal. It's not another one of Valve's ultra-clever and funny puzzles platformers. Instead, it's a different kind of puzzle game. "Bridge Constructor Portal will blend the laws of structural...

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