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Ex-Valve writer posted the story of Half Life 2 Episode 3 online

Half Life 2 Episode 3
Let's face it - we're not going to play Half Life 3. Heck, we didn't even get to finish the Half Life 2 saga, which started 13 years ago. Well, now we can do the next best thing - read the story of Half Life 2 Episode 3. Ex-Valve scriptwriter Marc Laidlaw just posted a short story, called Epistle 3, on his...

Rumor: Half Life 2 Episode 3 leaked concept art show Alyx’s many outfits

ValveTime, a Half Life fan site, claims to be in possession of concept art from Half Life 2: Episode 3. According to the site, the art was given to it by a "unknown source" rumored to be a Valve employee. While it is still impossible to confirm if they are real or not, the pictures do seem to follow Half Life 2's...

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