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Jade Raymond to lead Google’s Stadia Games studio

Jade Raymond Stadia GDC
Jade Raymond, the producer behind the best three Assassin's Creed games (and one pretty good Splinter Cell), is the new VP of Stadia Games and Entertainment - Google's new first-party game studio which will develop exclusively for the new Stadia platform. Raymond first announced via Twitter that she will be joining Google as a vice president, though it was unknown...

Google tries to remind us that there’s something good about their Nexus S

14th of April, 2011   Google have tweeted us a reminder about their Near Field Communication (or NFC for short) technology, which is available in their Nexus S. This technology allows the device to read information stored on a chip which can be imbedded in shirts, stickers, calling cards, keys and basically anything that comes to mind – and it does...

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