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Valve and HTC partner to create Vive, a new VR headset

Valve's new VR headset was revealed during GDC 2015, just as the company promised. Called "Vive", the headset is the result of a collaboration between Vale and HTC. Here's a the official release video. Vive is a combination of Valve's Steam VR tracking and input technologies with HTC's design and engineering. The device features high-quality graphics in 1200x1080 resolution and...

Valve’s VR Headset to be shown at GDC 2015

Valve is  looking forward to showing off their brand new Virtual Reality headset at this year's GDC. Though the company usually makes these types of announcements at the "Steam Developer Days",no such conference was planned for this year. The reveal comes as a bit of a surprise even though the company has talked about tooling around with the technology, yet...

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