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Gamescom 2011: Everything you wanted to know about Arkham City with Dax Ginn

Dax Ginn, the PR of Rocksteady Studios, tells us about everything that is new and cool about the new Batman: Arkham City in an exclusive interview straight from Gamescom 2011. The studio chose to share the E3 demo with the people who came to the convention and also to show a presentaion the Challenge Mode was so both amusingĀ ...

Gamescom 2011: The dark side of Death. First look in to Darksiders 2

After running from place to place and quite a bit of begging we finally managed to get into the business area of THQ and to see with our own eyes the first ever gameplay from Darksiders 2, the new game from Vigil and the continuation of (yes, you guessed it) Darksiders. And not only that, we also managed to...

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