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Gloomhaven, the digital version of the popular board game, enters Early Access

Gloomhaven, Flaming Fowl Studios' digital adaptation of Isaac Childres's best-selling board game, released on Early Access July 17. It is a hardcore tactical RPG dungeon crawler with roguelike mechanics. Because you have to have those roguelike mechanics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFw_CBYWN4A The game's Early Access version has only one playable mode at the moment - Adventure Mode. This exclusive game mode isn't available in...

Fable Fortune Kickstarter begins tomorrow

Ex-devs from recently closed Lionhead Studios have announced a Kickstarter campaign for their free-to-play Fable card game -Fable Fortune. The collectible card game was in development prior to the studio's shutdown, and the developers have set up a small indie studio called Flaming Fowl Studios to try and finish it. They hope to do it using crowdfunding, in a campaign set to begin...

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