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Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is coming to the west

After last week's sneak peak at the title, Square Enix is moving forward and bringing their turn-based mobile title by gumi inc., Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius to western audiences. Like previous Final Fantasy titles, fans are treated to incredibly art and gameplay designs, as they summon the immense cast of legendary characters. However, this title will also feature special appearances by other...

Square Enix announces Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius for mobile devices

Update: Both video and website were taken down since yesterday. This may indicate that the game was outed a bit prematurely, or that Square Enix is planning  to make an official announcement soon. Square Enix is returning to the basics with their latest mobile title - Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. Brave Exvius features classic turn-based combat, and is being developed for...

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