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Paradise Killer review: A true Investigation Freak

Paradise Killer review
Keep an open mind and an appetite for the truth, and fall in love with Paradise Killer, its colorful characters, and the gripping murder mystery at its center. Lady Love Dies is a world-famous detective called back from exile to solve her most challenging case yet - who killed Paradise. Paradise is not a person, a band, or a religious...

Paradise Killer invites you to solve a murder on a colorful island full of lunatics

Paradise Killer
In Paradise Killer, the debut game of indie studio Kaizen Game Works, you need to find out who killed Paradise. Paradise isn't a person, though - it's an entire island full of lunatics, psychopaths, and "a thousand secrets." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3nAfoLrdR8 Let's back up a bit, because this game's lore is a bit hard to follow. There's this organization called the Syndicate, an immortal...

Genesis Noir is a jazzy, psychedelic adventure through time and space

Genesis Noir
Genesis Noir is a love story that takes place before, during, and after The Big Bang - the cosmic event that kick-started the universe. It's a game about passion, murder, and cool jazz - everything that makes for a good noir story. But also about gods, creation, the universe, and even more cool jazz. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iES_EUBQVxo A love triangle between three gods has...

In Other Waters review: Dive in, the water’s just right

In Other Waters review
In Other Water's captivating story, slow yet rewarding exploration, and serene visuals and music make it the perfect game for these stressful times. In Other Waters arrived at the right time. I was playing the nerve-wracking Doom Eternal for a few days, and the next game on my list is Resident Evil 3, the intense Survival Horror remake. In Other...

In Other Waters trailer reveals the game’s April release date

In Other Waters release date
A new trailer reveals In Other Waters' release date. The game will be available on PC and Switch on April 3. In this unique game, you will assume the role of an AI onboard the advanced diving suit of Ellery Vas. Ellery is a xenobiologist that explores the depths of an unknown ocean on planet Gliese 677Cc in search of...

In Other Waters invites you to explore an alien ocean on PC and Switch

In Other Waters
After a successful Kickstarter campaign, In Other Waters is almost ready to make a splash (sorry) on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch. Developer Jump Over the Age and publisher Fellow Traveller released a new trailer for the game, revealing a release window of spring 2020. https://youtu.be/gFTnRyvsXyI In Other Waters is a narrative adventure about the wonders of exploration, fear, vulnerability, and human-AI...

Neo Cab review: Let’s talk about our feelings

Neo Cab review
Neo Cab is a story about having conversations and staying in touch with our emotional state. It's too bad the art direction does not do justice to its diverse characters. It's important to stay in touch with our emotions. In a week (and sometimes a day), we experience a complete spectrum of them, from red-hot anger to blue sadness; and...

The Church in the Darkness review: False prophets

The Church in the Darkness review
With limited gameplay options that lead to too many repetitive playthroughs, this infiltration game fails to generate a worthy cult following. Go in, find Alex, get out - that’s my plan every time I start a new game in The Church in the Darkness. But each time, I try something a little different. One time I decide to go in...

The Church in the Darkness opens its gates in August

The Church in the Darkness
The Church in the Darkness, an open-ended stealth game where you infiltrated a cult, is coming out on August 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6lArVvkujE Developed by indie studio Paranoid Productions, The Church in the Darkness puts you in the shoes of ex-cop Vic. Vic is on a mission to infiltrate the South American compound of Freedom Town, home to the Collective Justice Mission cult....

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