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Elite Dangerous Odyssey dev diary delves into settlements and player agency

Elite Dangerous Odyssey
Elite Dangerous developer, Frontier Developments, has released the second installment in the "Road to Odyssey" - a dev diary video series preparing players for the upcoming DLC, Elite Dangerous Odyssey. In the new video, titled "Forging Your Path," Game Director Piers Jackson, Art Director Chris Gregory, Lead Designer Gareth Hughes, Principal Audio Designer Matthew Florianz, and Principal Animator Felix Ilsley...

Elite: Dangerous patch fixes rogue AI building superweapons

A new patch for Elite: Dangerous now prevents rogue NPCs building their own never-before-seen superweapons. The problem was a big one - the AI could create completely unique weapons that weren't able to be created by normal means and use them to devastating effect. Zac Antonaci, the head of community, said "It appears that the unusual weapons attacks were caused...

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