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Transference Gamescom 2018 demo messes with your brain in all sorts of ways

Do Elijah Wood and Ubisoft want to mess with your brain? Transference, a new VR horror game about VR says they would very much like to. The fruit of Ubisoft's partnership with the former hobbit had a demo at Gamescom 2018, so we decided to delve into this psychological horror title and see if we can learn anything more about it....

Tim Schafer demos Broken Age on VGX, Elijah Wood to voice main character

Double Fine's Tim Schafer has taken the floor at VGX to demo the studio's up-coming adventure game (and Kickstarter success) - Broken Age. During the demo, Schafer also revealed that the voice of the male main character Shay is non other than Elijah Wood, of Lord of the Rings fame. Watch the entire presentation below, including an interview with Tim Schafer and the Elijah Wood announcement....

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