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ECHO gameplay video takes us through an entire level

Echo gameplay
Indie developer Ultra Ultra has released the first full-length ECHO gameplay video. We did get a gameplay trailer before, but this is the first time we see the game in unfiltered action. The video starts us rather stealthy, with protagonist En sneaking around her clones undetected. She can interact with the environment in multiple ways, like picking up an apple...

Echo release date revealed with gameplay trailer

Echo release date
Echo, the indie sci-fi stealth action title, will be released on PC and PS4 on September 19. The release date is unveiled, like many dates often do, at the end of a new trailer. Since this is a gameplay trailer, there aren't a lot of story details here, Instead, we see protagonist En fighting and sneaking her way past multiple clones...

Echo pits you against your worst enemy – yourself

Echo is a new indie action-adventure title set in a futuristic palace. At first it may appear as a typical stealth game, but it actually has a very interesting hook - all your enemies are you. You play as En, girl who spend a century in stasis to get to the Palace - a mysterious and huge castle that looks like something out of...

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