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Earthworm Jim 3 returns exclusively on retro console Intellivision Amico

Earthworm Jim 3
Earthworm Jim, the classic action platformer starring a worm in a super suit, returns after 20 years. The sequel, aptly titled Earthworm Jim 3, is developed by many of the same team that made the original two titles. But, there a catch - Earthworm Jim 3 will be exclusive to the Intellivision Amico. The news came via a tweet by...

Interplay selling its IPs, including Earthworm Jim, MDK, Descent

Interplay Entertainment, a leading game developer, publisher and licencor from the mid-90's to the early 2000s, has announced it is selling its entire library of video games IPs and assets. Among the 70 titles on sale are beloved franchises like Earthworm Jim, Descent, Kingpin, MDK, Messiah, Giants , Battlechess, Run Like Hell, Sacrifice, Clayfighter, Freespace, and Dark Alliance. These were some heavy hitters back in the...

Earthworm Jim 4 teased by original creator

In a post on the official Earthworm Jim Facebook page, franchise creator Doug TenNapel has hinted he is working on a new Earthworm Jim game. "Everyone loves Earthworm Jim 1 and 2, and I don't generally acknowledge EWJ 3 as a real part of the Jim universe. So if I was making another Jim game, would it...

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