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The makers of Divinity: Original Sin are teasing a new game that could be Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3
It's E3 season, and the internet is buzzing with news and teasers from developers in anticipation for the biggest gaming event of the year. One of the most recent and potentially exciting teasers can be found on the official site of Larian Studios, the people who brought us Divinity: Original Sin. The homepage was updated with a video of a...

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition announced for Xbox One and PS4

Belgian game developer Larian Studios has revealed one of its secret projects to be a PS4 and Xbox One release of Divinity: Original Sin, calling it the Enhanced Edition. Check out the video below for the announcement as well as some new details straight from Larian Studios. This time around Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is to be a completely...

The GamersPack Best Games of 2014 Awards

With 2014 coming to an end, it is once again time to celebrate all the great games we played during the passing year, and maybe choose our favorites - never an easy task. We were also introduced to a brand new generation of consoles, and with it a slew of huge triple-A games with lots to do and experience,...

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