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Rumor: EA to expend Dead Space franchise into FPS and flight sim

An anonymous inside source at EA tells Kotaku that the company is planning on expending the Dead Space franchise even farther, into "bigger and better" things. Apparently that includes a Dead Space first-person-shooter and a flight game (Dead space with Spaceships). This insider even mentioned that after these titles are good and done, EA is moving on to develop an  "Uncharted-like game" in the...

Stop the presses! First details on Dead Space 3 leak onto the web

EA is developing a new Dead Space game, a fact that should surpirse anyone, given the success of the first 3 games in series. However, the new details uncovered on Siliconera about Dead Space 3, will surprise fans of the sci-fi/horror series. It appears that this time Isaac Clarke won't be fighting the horrible aliens, known as the Necromorphs, on a...

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