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Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC is the series darkest chapter, arrives March 12

Dead Space 3: Awakened is the first story DLC to be released for the game, and as can be clearly seen in the trailer and screenshots below, it isn't about rainbows and unicorns. In fact, Visceral Games claim that Awakened is the darkest chapter in Dead Space history. That's quite a brave claim. Isaac Clarke and John Carver return to...

Dead Space 3 review: Gut-splattering action instead of gut-wrenching horror

The Dead Space series has been, perhaps, the last resort for survival horror fans looking for a good mix of intense and creepy atmosphere balanced with just the right amount of action and a good story (not to mention the horrible monsters and gore). But as with many survival horror classics before it, Dead Space 3 takes the franchise...

Dead Space 3 story trailer has a plan for all of us

Less than a week before the game launches in North America, EA has released a story trailer for Dead Space 3. As you might expect, the trailer is all about the story and the horrors that awaits Isaac and his co-op body Carver on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis. See it right here below.

Dead Space 3 launch trailer takes down the terror

Visceral Games has released the launch trailer for the upcoming survival horror co-op shooter Dead Space 3, titled "Take Down the Terror". Watch it below to find out how to do so exactly (or just for fun). Dead Space 3 launches February 5 in North American and February 8 in Europe.

Dead Space 3 is better with Kinect if you believe this new trailer

Steve Papoutsis, Dead Space 3 executive producer, is here with a new trailer to show us why the game plays better with Kinect. Watch it below to see how Dead Space 3 utilizes the Kinect's capabilities. Dead Space 3 will let you chop up Necromorphs a month from now, on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Guy Yuval, GP Editor-in-chief: My 10 most anticipated games of 2013

Now that we've survived the end of the world and made it to 2013, I figured this would be a good time to go over my own personal wishlist and pick the 10 upcoming games I'm most excited for and can't wait to play. Please note that this list isn't numbered, just arranged by release dates for my convenience....

Dead Space 3 trailer helps you catch up with the story thus far

EA has released a new trailer for Dead Space 3 in the hopes it will help you catch up on the franchise's story up until the beginning of Dead Space 3. If you haven't played the two previous Dead Space games, or never had a chance to read the books/comics - this video is the best way of getting...

Dead Space 3 will support Kinect voice commands, new co-op trailer and screens

Dead Space 3 will support voice commands on Kinect (exclusively on the Xbox 360, of course), enabling players to quickly help each other in co-op. With one simple shout, players can share ammo and health, use stasis, find objectives and  even revive a fallen partner. “The voice commands in Dead Space 3 give players a unique way to take down...

Dead Space 3 new screens show co-op, other human characters (and one necromorph)

More Dead Space 3 screenshots have made it planet-side, courtesy of EA and Visceral Games, showing Isaac and John together in cool poses. There are also a couple of shots showing other human characters and one that shows a highly disturbing close-up of a Necromorph. Augh. Dead Space 3 is slated for release on February 5 in North America and February 8...

Dead Space 3 screenshots are somewhat creepy

Six new screenshots of Dead Space 3 were released by EA, showing all new sorts of creepy. There are monsters, flashlights and toy soldiers below, so proceed at your own risk. Dead Space 3 launches early February on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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