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The Wolf Among Us: Cry Wolf review: Fabletown will remember that

Everyone who has played The Wolf Among Us has their own Bigby Wolf, their own choices, their own story. Watching my story end, I thought about everything I and Bigby went through to get there; every piece of the puzzle, every bashed skull, every act of kindness, every bullet hole, every terrible huff-and-puff cigarette, every life lost and saved....

The Wolf Among Us season finale cries wolf on July 8

The Wolf Among Us: Cry Wolf, the fifth and final episode of the acclaimed series, will arrive on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and iOS devices starting July 8. As always, the announcement can bundled with a trailer. In the season finale, Bigby Wolf confronts the man behind the corruption and desperation that plague Fabletown. It will be up to...

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