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Kojima Productions reveals new movie logo

Hideo Kojima has unveiled the official logo movie for his brand new development studio, Kojima Productions. The cinematic features the mascot Ludens exploring desolate frontiers. Mysteriously transitioning between the deep ocean and deep space, the cinematic is very much in tune with the recent trailer for Death Stranding, the first game that will feature this logo. Although most likely unrelated to the...

The Halo 5 opening cinematic teases death and destruction

Halo 5 Guardians' opening cinematic is a giant leap towards an ambitious campaign. Before heading out on what should be described as a suicide mission, Spartans Locke, Vale, Tanaka and Buck say their fond farewells before heading into certain doom. Setting out to save a high profile target, and eliminate another, the four spartans dive into an intense fire fight...

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