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New teaser screen posted by Avalanche Studios, this time definitely Just Cause 3

Christofer Sundberg, CEO of Avalanche Studios, has posted another screenshots of the studio's next project on Twitter. Unlike the first teaser image we saw earlier this month, this one looks definitely looks like it's from a Just Cause game - probably Just Cause 3. Jumping out of airplanes was one of the many fun elements in Just Cause 2, and...

Avalanche Studios teases a new game with blurry screenshot

Avalanche Studios' Christofer Sundberg has tweeted a new, rather blurry screenshot from a yet unannounced game the studio is working on. The tweet reads "We're making awesome games at ! This year will be awesome!" You can see the image below. Those who are familiar with Avalanche's Just Cause franchise will surely see some similarities in the teaser image to the open-world series...

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