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Children of Morta review: Family matters

Children of Morta reivew
Children of Morta is a beautifully crafted pixel art dungeon crawler with a refreshing emphasis on character and a theme rarely seen in gaming: Family. I've always had a soft spot for pixel art games thanks to their simple yet colorful worlds. Children of Morta happens to be one of those games. The game throws you into a beautiful world of...

In Children of Morta, a family who fights together sticks together

Children of Morta
While enjoying and exploring Gamescom 2018, we had a nice conversation with 11 bit studios about the various titles they plan to bring to Nintendo Switch. Children of Morta, a hack and slash title combining roguelike dungeon crawler, pixel art, and rich story, is one of them. As opposed to other roguelike games, Children of Morta emphasizes its story from...

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