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Razer Project Valerie stolen from CES 2017 show floor

Project Valerie stolen
Two prototype models of Razer's Project Valerie were stolen from the display at CES 2017. After a slew of awards were thrust upon the innovative, 3 screen gaming notebook, the Razer CES booth was unexpectedly robbed of 2 working prototypes. The company CEO Min-Liang Tan has confirm the theft on Facebook. "We treat theft/larceny, and if relevant to this case, industrial espionage, very seriously –...

Innex shows off retro gaming consoles at CES 2017

innex ces 2017
The independent gaming engineers at Innex have been hard at work creating a huge lineup of retro consoles and accessories. Showing off all of their greatest gaming achievements on the CES 2017 Las Vegas showroom, Innex took the time to show the GamersPack crew around their enormous booth. The booth, complete with a table sized NES controller, classic video game titles...

HyperX brings a complete gaming environment to CES 2017

hyperX ces 2017
HyperX brought some heavy guns to CES 2017, and we got to see them all when we stopped by their booth. We started off with the upgraded Hyper X Cloud Revolver S that brings Dolby Digital 7.1 channel surround sound, and is less expensive than its Cloud II cousin. The 50mm drivers mix with sound chambers to produce sound quality...

Razer reveals Project Valerie, a gaming notebook with 3 screens

Razer Project Valerie
There were many amazing advancements in technology on display on the show floor at CES 2017, but Razer truly stole the show with their 3 screen gaming notebook, codenamed Project Valerie. Project Valerie boasts 3 4K motorized monitors that open and close on command and can also be customized to various gaming environments. After receiving numerous awards for the epic achievement in notebook...

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