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GRIP: Combat Racing review: Hard to get a grip

GRIP: Combat Racing
GRIP: Combat Racing gives you all the tools to drive like a crazy person, but imprecise control can often turn cool tricks into a disaster. GRIP: Combat Racing is the kind of arcade racer that I always wanted back when I was a kid, playing games like Star Wars Episode I: Pod Racer and Lego Racers. With acrobatic cars, wide tracks with...

GRIP trailer celebrates the high-speed soundtrack

grip trailer
GRIP, the spiritual successor of the classic racing game Rollcage, has a new trailer that's all about fast supercars and an even faster soundtrack. Done by the artist Full Kontakt, the soundtrack is pretty much what you'd expect from a game that's all about high speed and explosions: lots of electronic tracks and dubstep wub wubs. Even if you're not that into...

Rollcage successor GRIP enters Early Access

Caged Element, a brand-new development team, have put their first game GRIP into Steam Early Access. GRIP is a racing game "inspired by the Rollcage games of 1999 and 2000". For those who didn't play racing games back then, Rollcage was a physics-based racing title where cars can drive on walls, ceilings and even upside down. The game also featured heavy...

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