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Wreckfest review: Hope you have insurance

Wreckfest demolition derby
A party of twisted metal and screeching wheels. Crash physics haven't felt this good for a long time, but they sure looked better. We had a lot of arcade racing games in these past few weeks, but we haven't had a proper demolition derby for a while. Luckily, Wreckfest is here to make amends for the aggressive racing subgenre. Wreckfest is not...

The Next Car Game is Wreckfest by FlatOut developer

Bugbear Entertainment, the studio behind the famous FlatOut franchise, has been working on a new driving game since two years ago. Till today, the game was only known as Next Car Game. The studio has announced on its blog that full name of the new destruction-heavy title will be Wreckfest. Alongside the new name announcement, Bugbear has revealed a new 18-player...

Next Car Game new video shows work-in-progress gameplay

Bugbear Entertainment has released a new video of its Next Car Game, showing a little bit of work-in-progress gameplay. To tell the trtuh, looks kind of awesome. See it for yourselves below. Next Car Game is scheduled to release in 2014 for the PC.

Pre-order the Next Car Game by Bugbear and help fund the game’s development

Bugbear Entertainment has announced Next Car Game is now available for pre-order. Those who choose to do so will not only gain early access to an early version of the game, but will also be helping to fund it's development. "We are thrilled to offer early access to Next Car Game to all pre-order customers. You get to play a very...

The Next Car Game teased by Bugbear, “going back to our roots”

Bugbear Entertainment has released a teaser trailer for what it is calling "the next car game", showing in-game footage of multiple cars crashing into each other and causing dynamic damage all around. "We're making a new car game. This time we're going back to our roots - just like all of our fans have been asking us to do!" Bugbear...

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