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Borderlands teaser trailer could be for Borderlands 3, or something new

Borderlands 3 teaser
Gearbox Software has released a new Borderlands teaser trailer titled Mask of Mayhem. Is it teasing Borderlands 3, or an entirely new game? We're pretty sure Borderlands 3 is a thing. We're also pretty sure it will be officially announced tomorrow, March 28, during the studio's PAX East live stream. However, that doesn't mean this video is about Borderlands 3. The...

Humble Endless RPG Lands Bundle is borderline insane

The Humble Endless RPG Lands Bundle is insane. Especially if you're into RPGs, Shooters and Shooters with RPG elements. Pay $1 or more, and get Borderlands: GOTY Edition, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut, and Wurm Unlimited. If somehow you still haven't played the original Borderlands, now is your best time to get it and do so. It's great, trust...

Sony’s top 10 “Platinumed” games on the PS3

Gamers are an interesting species (yes we are a species). we are very competitive and if someone gives us a challenge we simply cant refuse it. what am I talking about? I am talking about the achievementstrophies systems. Thanks to a question from a reader, the PlayStation Blog dug through Sony's system and produced a list of the top 10 games with...

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