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Anno 2205 review: Squeezing every drop

In the Anno 2205 preview, I had a small view of a juice-powered empire: Juice extends life. Juice expands consciousness. Juice is vital to space travel. I had great fun with fruit and now, in the full version of the game, I can honestly say that he who controls the juice, controls the universe - or at the very...

GC 2014: The Settlers: Kingdom of Anteria is something old and something new

Revealed for the first time this Gamescom, The Settlers: Kingdom of Anteria is a fresh take on the franchise. Defined as "Economy-based combat adventure", the new Settlers brings to the table a lot of new ideas mixed into the tried-and-true Settlers formula. From the old and acclaimed, the core formula remains: From the humble beginnings of what barely constitutes a...

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