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Basement Crawl teaser trailer will make you want to stay inside forever

Bloober Team has released the first trailer for Basement Crawl, the strategic and creepy competitive multiplayer exclusive title for the PS4. Since it's a teaser trailer we don't get to see any gameplay, but nevertheless this is a very creepy video. Very creepy. Watch it below.

Basement Crawl is a new maze-based competitive puzzler for the PS4

Basement Crawl is a new "strategic action game featuring creepy characters, challenging environments and exciting maze-based competitive multiplayer." Quite the mouthful. The game, developed for the PlayStation 4 by Bloober Team, will support eight players online or four offline as they take control of disturbing creatures to kill one another. They can do so by laying traps and explosives around the "spine-chilling"...

First screenshot from Medium is a bit weird but pretty

Medium is a mysterious new IP from Bloober Team, a development studio made up of former employees of the now closed Nibris. Those who have been keeping tabs on vaporware over the years might remember Sadness, the promising horror game for the Wii from the same studio. Sadness never saw the light of day, and we never even got to see any...

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