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The Medium conjures up Silent Hill vibes with its dual-reality gameplay

The Medium
Out of the many games we saw at yesterday's Xbox Game Showcase, The Medium immediately caught my eye. The game's duel perspective and Silent Hill vibes really surprised me. Team Bloober showed us a trailer that starts on a creepy note and only gets darker from there. Take a look for yourself.

Blair Witch review: Stay out of these woods

Blair Witch E3 2019
Blair Witch so desperately wants to be a psychological horror game, it completely neglects its few clever mechanics. But you can pet the dog. The Blair Witch Project doesn’t have the best history with video games (look it up). I was cautiously optimistic that the new Blair Witch will break this curse. After all,...

Blair Witch gameplay trailer shows what a good boy Bullet is

Blair Witch gameplay trailer
In the first Blair Witch gameplay trailer, we see protagonist Ellis exploring the Black Hills Forest together with his dog Bullet, where the two face countless horrors. Bullet is a very good boy. You can see in the trailer how useful and adorable he is. He will lead you to important clues, fetch items,...

Layers of Fear 2 review: A nightmare at the movies

Layers of Fear 2 review
Layers of Fear 2 is a slow, horrifying descent into madness. It earns every jump scare thanks to a dense atmosphere that haunts you to the very end. Layers of Fear 2 took me by complete surprise. I was expecting another narrative horror game with a heavy emphasis on weird visuals and jumpscares, like...

The Blair Witch is back, and she’s after you and your dog in a new horror game

The iconic stick figures
The Blair Witch Project is one of the most iconic horror movies out there, and many credit it with raise in popularity the "Found Footage" subgenre in the early 2000s. It spawned two movie sequels and three video games, none of which is particularly good. Well, Blair Witch Volume I: Rustin Parr was pretty decent.

Observer review: Walking the corridors of the mind

Observer review Mindscape
Observer (or >Observer_ as the developers insist on writing it) is a game about memories. It's also a game about guilt, parenthood and hard drugs. There’s a serial killer in there somewhere, and also a pig living in a virtual reality. It’s a weird game, OK? The game is set in a bleak, futuristic version of Krakow, Poland. The year...

Observer is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Observer, the cyberpunk horror title from the creators of Layers of Fear, is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. I'm actually playing it right now, so you can expect a review soon. The game is described as "a horror experience meant for mature audiences." From what I saw so far, it's a mature experience that doesn't rely on F-bombs...

Layers of Fear is a horror game set in the mind of an insane painter

Layers of Fear is an upcoming psychological horror title inspired by the masterpiece paintings of past centuries. Take a look at this teaser trailer to get an idea of the type of creepy visuals that await you. Set in the mind of a deranged painter, Layers of Fear features decor and visuals from the 19th century, though as you saw...

Basement Crawl dated in Europe, gameplay trailer released

Basement Crawl, Bloober Team's multiplayer Bomberman-like, will be released in Europe on January 29, exclusively on the PS4. The North American version will follow "soon". In more good news, the developer has released the game's first gameplay trailer. While Basement Crawl does have a single-player mode, with bots instead of your friends, the trailer understandably focuses on the competitive multiplayer. See...

Basement Crawl first screenshots show creepy strategic gameplay

These new screenshots for Blobber Team's competitive multiplayer battle arena (also known as Basement Crawl) finally show some gameplay. You'll notice it's reminiscent of the Bomberman games. In the game, all sorts of weird characters / murderous toys need to strategically plant traps around the maze-like map (again, very similar to Bomberman). Still, it looks like fun. Basement Crawl is a...

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