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Slowly chase and kill your friends in Murderous Pursuits

Murderous Pursuits
I’m standing above the corpse of the (former) prince of India. People are gathering around me, and I’m pretty sure I can hear the guards approaching in the next room. My mind is racing. What should I do? Should I throw away the bloody dagger in my hands? Should I run? Should I don a disguise and try to disappear into...

Murderous Pursuits is a stealth murder party simulator on a steampunk airship

Murderous Pursuits art
Murderous Pursuits is a multiplayer murder party simulator made by the same people who brought you The Ship: Remastered. Instead of an ordinary ship, Murderous Pursuits takes place on a steampunk airship that's capable of time travel. Onboard that ship, eight players will attempt to murder each other with as much stealth and finesse as possible. Blend with the AI party goers, locate...

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