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The Falconeer beta is now open for registration through Discord

The Falconeer beta
The anticipated fantasy flight simulator 2020, also known as The Falconeer, is getting a closed beta in October- a month before its release in November. If you're interested in playing The Falconeer before everyone else, here's how you can participate in the game's closed beta. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66yNNhGhIO8&feature=youtu.be

Mortal Shell beta is now open to everyone due to popular demand

As the developers Cold Symmetry promised a month ago, the Mortal Shell beta was recently released to a few lucky players. But to everyone's surprise, the devs just opened the beta for all to play. Mortal Shell is a soulslike action-RPG. The game centers around ruthless dynamic combat, where you play as a ghost...

West of Dead beta takes you to hell, and you’ll never want to leave

West of Dead exploration
West of Dead, the twin-stick roguelike shooter by developer Upstream Arcade and publisher Raw Fury, is now in open beta on PC and Xbox One. The game takes you to the grim and gritty world of Purgatory, where you step into the shoes of dead man William Mason. Why you're there, and where "there" is, are unclear...

Management RPG Yes, Your Grace casts you as the king of many daughters

Yes, Your Grace beta
Brave at Night's kingdom management RPG Yes, Your Grace is now in beta, and we had a chance to play it. We got a peek at the beautiful pixel art, management elements, and choices system. Better yet, we got to see how it all affects your king's personality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKjJarr-cWE

Battlefield 5 multiplayer returns victorious to the battlefields of WW2

Battlefield 5 multiplayer
We returned to the battlefields of WW2 with the game that brings the franchise home – Battlefield 5. Many applauded DICE for continuing the great success of Battlefield 1, but some fans were infuriated by a few of the changes. Let us rise above any controversy, and judge the closed beta gameplay trailer from Gamescom 2018, which features the Rotterdam map,...

The Crew 2 beta proves you can drive, fly or sail the way you want to

Ubisoft's wide-spanning driving game, The Crew 2, has sped into open beta this past weekend. It's big, it's fast, it's colorful, and it has almost every vehicle you'd want to race in. But most importantly, it hypes you up for the game's upcoming full release. If you've been following us these past few weeks, you have probably noticed by now...

Onrush is a chaotic driving game that plays like a competitive shooter

Onrush beta
The clock is ticking, and the enemy team is just about to beat us to the score. But I'm not about to give up so easily. I drive up the side of a mountain to get that extra spin and launch myself into a barrel roll. I land perfectly, my Rush meter fills up and the buggy I'm driving goes...

Anti-Brexit game Not Tonight brings Papers, Please to dystopian Britain

Not Tonight beta
PanicBarn, the developers of Not Tonight, must be big fans of the game Papers, Please. I can't really blame them; I too love Papers, Please. It's a great game that takes one simple gameplay mechanic and enhances it with bleak settings and a powerful narrative full of moral dilemmas that haunt you for months. Not Tonight is an upcoming "anti-Brexit" adventure game that hopes...

Vehicle combat, tower rush and cards collide in Vroom Kaboom

Vroom Kaboom
Vroom Kaboom is a weird game - in a good way. Even after playing the game's closed beta I'm still not sure exactly how to classify it. Is it a MOBA? a racing game? a card game? Is it real-time strategy? I really can't say. What I can say for sure is that it combines elements from each of those genres into...

Slowly chase and kill your friends in Murderous Pursuits

Murderous Pursuits
I’m standing above the corpse of the (former) prince of India. People are gathering around me, and I’m pretty sure I can hear the guards approaching in the next room. My mind is racing. What should I do? Should I throw away the bloody dagger in my hands? Should I run? Should I don a disguise and try to disappear into...

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