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Star Wars: Battlefront releases Bespin DLC launch trailer

The most suave smuggler in the galaxy is back as Lando Calrissian joins the battle in the new Bespin DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront. If you're familiar with the universe of Star Wars, you'll recognize bounty hunter Dengar from The Empire Strikes Back. These two will be pitted against each other in this brand new downloadable content. Also included in...

Star Wars Battlefront adds Lando, Cloud City in new Bespin DLC

EA has announced it is expanding its far, far away galaxy even more with the latest Star Wars Battlefront Bespin DLC. Featuring the smooth talking smuggler, Lando Calrissian, the new expansion takes place all over Cloud City of Bespin. The package will also contain four new maps, both in and around the city. You'll fly around the city in a new map for Fighter...

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