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Main Assembly is a robot-building puzzle game for makers

Main Assembly
Everyone loves creating; and solving puzzles; and robots. Robots are cool. Indie developer Bad Yolk takes all of that and assembles it for something new with Main Assembly, a robot-building puzzle game coming very soon to Steam Early Access. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCfLSqOth9Q Thinking Outside the Bots "But isn't a game where you build robots something that's been done before?" That was my first thought...

Former Wolfenstein and Doom devs open indie studio Bad Yolk

Bad Yolk
Joel Jonsson and Michael Paixao, both former developers at MachineGames, have banded together with 8 senior AAA devs to form Bad Yolk. Together, they share 90+ years of experience and have worked on 14 AAA title. These include Wolfenstein: The New Order, Doom 2016, Chronicles of Riddick, Eve Online, Gears of War, The Division, The Darkness, and others. The Swedish indie...

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