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Dishonored gets a cinematic debut trailer

Bethesda has finally released a first trailer for Arkane studios' Dishonored - the supernatural assassin simulator with big hulking machines and beautiful aesthetics. The game's debut trailer doesn't show any real gameplay, but the cinematic action does set a very exciting tone. There isn't any more new information about Dishonored, but it is very satisfying to learn the game developers are making progress....

Dishonored honoring us with lots of new screenshots

Bethesda has released a bunch of new screenshots from Dishonored - Arkane Studios' up-coming title, where you play as a mysterious assassins with special powers. The screens are all very beautiful, showing a distinct world that looks like a combination between Bioshock, Thief and Half Life 2. Dishonored is coming for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC later this year. Watch all...

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